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Meet Jana Livenmark

I’m here to help you change your life or start your own business! If you are longing for a change.

The great interest in health and personal development began with my own journey. I created different physical issues as a child and teenager. Later in life, I got stuck in a life situation that I didn´t like, and I stayed in that situation for several years but finally decided to jump and follow my heart! I have never regretted that. With the tools, experience and knowledge I have now, I realize that we can rapidly transform our lives!

I have been working as a therapist, coach and health advisor for many years. My experience has given me a lot of knowledge to share. I have realized that our thoughts and feelings are the most powerful tools for well-being. But our mind is also a tool for leading us into disease! Your thoughts and feelings are creators of matter. The food we eat is subordinate to your thoughts and beliefs. Having said that, I do not underestimate the food we eat. Not at all. Everything is energy and some foods have significantly better energy than others.  Some people are more sensitive than others in terms of diet. But what you think, believe and feel is even more important! It is also important to follow your heart, your true bliss. When you are committed doing what you love, you feel good and sprinkle the goodness all around you. If you ignore it, you easily create imbalances in your well-being that can lead to disease and mental problems. I love learning new stuff about the human being as a mind, body and spirit, and how we are interconnected with everything in the Universe. I therefore read a lot or go courses.

I am a coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT), Numerologist, Body Therapist, Health Advisor, Healer, and I have a university degree in Human Resources. I can´t write all that on my business card, so I call myself Holistic Transformational Coach just because I coach people in experiencing holistic, rapid, transformational change that creates lasting results in their lives and businesses.

I’m here for you, to help you dare to live the life you came here for. Find your way despite your circumstances. I coach you to a life that makes you feel free!

Are you ready for change? Take the step now!

I work with you via Zoom – a smooth way that lets you stay at home and sit in your favorite chair but still feel that the coaching is almost as if we had met. Want to know what it is like to work with me? Book a first free call with me to see how I can help you, and to see if we are a good team.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to win!


When YOU change, everything changes!

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