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I am very excited for the transformations happening in my clients´ lives. I feel happy and grateful being able to help so many in living a more joyful, inspiring, abundant, and healthy life. 

If you are interested in getting your life amazing, and successful, book a free call to find out how I can help you and if we are a good match.

I immediately noticed that Jana is very professional. She has a confidence-giving way and I felt safe and in good hands. After some initial questions, she quickly took me into hypnosis. During the regression, we came to scenes from my past that have played a crucial part in my life. Jana asked all the right questions so that I could free myself from these scenes, and she helped me take my power back and realize that I can move on in my life and let go of the beliefs that were holding me back. I also received a wonderful recording that I will listen to for 21 days, but I already know that an absolutely crucial transformation has occurred and she was incredibly accurate. I have been in regular therapy for many years, but I have never had a result like this. In fact, nothing else comes close, I've never been able to let in any professional psychiatrists, in this way, into my private life, even though I'm the one asking for help. Other methods have simply not come thru my barriers. I am amazed and extremely grateful. (translation from Swedish)
Malin Wennström
The session we did has profoundly changed my life! It feels like I'm another person now. You can really talk about rapid transformation! I feel confident in myself, brave, competent, free. Thank you for adding "you are beautiful" into my personal recording! I feel more beautiful than ever 😊 It's wonderful to be myself! Now I feel like a whole person. This is the help I've been looking for all the time. It has now been a month and there are so many positive things that have happened in my life thanks to the session - more money, new job, and my business has taken off. Thank you very much, Jana !!! (translated from Swedish)
Sanna Aatig
Business owner
After the regression with Jana, I saw all the things that blocked me from prosperity in my life. She helped me clear all of it and as time goes by I have realized that my life has changed. I´ve become happier than before, I make more money than before, and I´ve become more aware of what´s happening in my life after the coaching.
Kenneth Capiendo
Miami, Florida

When you believe more in what you don´t see than in what you do see, then what you do see, you won´t see and what you don´t see, you will see.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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